10 beauty lessons I’ve learned this year!

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

-Harriet Tubman

This quote pretty much sums up my 2016. It’s also apropos because I’m working on a show about Ms. Tubman’s life so her words have been inspiration since the summer of 2015. This quote speaks of dreams and for years I’ve had dreams of being a full-time artist. I lived as a full-time teacher for 10 years with comfort and ease. I still was restless. Tossing and turning and not generally content with my life. I definitely was and am grateful but living a double life was too hard for me. So, I quit. Resigned. Left my salary. Left my middle school home of six years where I was THE 8th grade ELA teacher. In 2014, as a 35 year old teacher, I walked away from everything I knew. I fully embodied my role as a creative and educator. My great dream was to be free of anything that was holding me back to create my own engaging content for the world to see. I can say that with confidence now. I didn’t always.

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She’s teaching me for real!

Beauty and style were always there because costume design was the reason I came to NYC. I worked as a seamstress and production assistant at UK’s costume shop from 2000-2003 and NYU costume shop from 2003-2004. I learned makeup techniques and even took classes. I wore a full face of makeup in high school then got immediately bored with in college. College was where I experimented with so many styles! So, this year I reintroduced myself to fashion, beauty, and style. All cruelty free, of course. I’ve learned a lot about myself and others and I want to share these beauty (and really, life) lessons with you.

Me: In my college days.


  1. There are no do’s and don’ts in beauty. If you do a do that someone else says do and it turns out to be a don’t for you, it’s cool. Do you, boo! #BARZ
  2. Veganism is a lifestyle and not just about what goes on your plate. Leather, wool, and silk are no-no’s in my house but it’s still a process for me. Being consciously cruelty free in my clothing and makeup has been an eye-opener and a journey. #byebyeMAC
  3. I have nice lips. Seriously. I say this because for years I was a four to five eyeshadow girl. I have a deep-set eye and played around with them so much. This year, lippies were so EXCITING AND FUN! Metallic, neon, glitter, thousands of nudes–YOU NAME IT!
  4. Good skin starts from within. I drink so many berry/avocado/banana smoothies is kind of ridiculous! These fruits aid to your complexion and digestion. #lessonlearned
  5. lippies_styles.JPG
    “styles upon styles upon styles is what I have…” -PHIFE DAWG (RIP)

    Sleep is your friend! Grinding until you die is not swaggy or fashionable. GET YOUR REST!

  6. The beauty advisors at Sephora and ULTA don’t know everything! Don’t get me wrong–they’re MOSTLY knowledgeable but I learn by trial and error lovelies. Tutorials are your friends. @ellarie and @sonjdradeluxe are my faves right now!
  7. People won’t always be down for your transformation. They like the OLD Berry better. But, tbh, I had haters without makeup too so I say, “Get in LINE!” I love my plain face with gloss and my beat face with a bold ass matte lip. #byenow
  8. I’m just like you all. I’m not better OR ELITE, I just practice A LOT! I don’t have kids, I’m single, and my job starts later in the day–BY DESIGN. I might want to have a boo soon but I’m cool for now and my brow game needs no distractions. Or the new boo will learn soon enough–NOT TO RUSH THE BROWS!
  9. MAKEUP APPLICATION is an art form. I’m a painter (watercolors, mostly). So, I see shadows and highlights and colors because I had to do this everyday for nearly three years. 
  10. You can be stylish in all stages of your body’s development. I am 15 pounds heavier than I was in 2013. I still can rock SOME of my old clothes and that’s cool. I worked so hard to get back in them but I don’t necessarily have the same style from three years ago either. So, I ended up selling my clothes I can’t fit anymore to be done with it. I’m better now. Period.


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