Hi, Berry lovelies! My name is Lacresha Berry, aka Berry, founder of Berryberrystylish, and I’ve loved fashion since my third grade fashion line of college ruled, crayon rendered, 80’s paper dolls. You should’ve seen them–they were RAD! (What? it’s an 80’s thing!)

Since then, I’ve made costume shops my home, sales racks my refuge, and homemade circle skirts my delicious comfort food. I love to eat, drink, and be merry all while rockin’ lipgloss and eating scrumptious vegan food. I have a degree in theatre from the University of Kentucky so I’m attracted to everything related to the theatrical and lean towards dramatic flair! Prints, red lips, and dresses are my most faves and Afros in many variations give me life!

If you stopped by, Here’s the deal: This is A FLY style blog for the progressive creative on the go. For brown girls. For beauties who love vintages styles, ecclectic culture, and disrupting the mainstream beauty standards; All while being cruelty free and a DIY enthusiast.




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